Hi, I'm Bets.  I am a registered nurse with a background in emergency room care. As such, I am concerned about health safety and have that emergent mentality to prioritize and just get the job done. I am like the MiddleBaker™…. “keep it simple" and "less is more”.  I like gadgets-but only ones I will actually use. 
I wanted something to solve the issue of over baking the edges of my casseroles, cakes, brownies, etc. in order to get the middle fully cooked.  I wanted something simple and universal.... use it....clean it….store it!  So, here is my solution, the rugged MiddleBaker™. An American made, food grade stainless steel friend that will last, won’t peel or rust and will never bake unwanted ‘stuff’ into the food you eat and feed your family. I hope you find the MiddleBaker™ to be as easy to use, convenient to store, and as indispensable as I do. Happy baking!  

How did you think of that?