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The Middlebaker is a great addition to my kitchen. Although, I have used it for baking brownies, cakes, etc. with terrific results, my favorite use for it is separating casserole ingredients. My son is lactose intolerant; my daughter doesn't like onions; my granddaughter likes bacon, but not get the picture. By separating the toppings in different quadrants with the Middlebaker, I can prepare a breakfast casserole that makes my entire family of picky eaters happy! Thanks, Middlebaker!!

I love this product! I've used mine when baking a cake, cheesy hashbrown casserole, brownies and meatloaf...all turned out fantastic! Carol

Great product. Cleans easily. Stores easily. Food cooks faster and taste better as it is moist from the middle to the edges and not dried out from over baking. - Anastasia

LOVE IT!!, This is truly the first time I have baked banana bread & have not burned the outside or had a raw inside. I'm looking forward to trying    new things.  Kathy C.

Using the MB cut down on oven time about 5 minutes on a batch of brownies.  The middle of the pan of brownies was baked just right as were the edges. VC

I love it. It works and I'm telling everyone I know. 

My meat loaf cooked in half the time and was cooked on the inside without overcooking the outside. SR

"The Middle Baker is Awesome. I made Pumpkin Bread today. And I was able to cut 20 minutes off of total baking time. Thanks again..."




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